ISSA Executive Board

The Executive Board is ultimately responsible for the management of ISSA and the supervision and control of its executive management. The Board Members offer ideas and professional knowledge that help improve the value of the activities of ISSA, in line with its general objectives. Furthermore, the Board Members contribute a significant portion of the annual budget.

The Executive Board is composed of senior executives that are nominated by the ISSA Board Member firms. In addition, the ISSA CEO, the ISSA Secretary and the Chair of the Operating Committee are ex-officio Board Members.

Philip J. Brown
Clearstream Holding
ISSA Chair

Vicky Kyproglou
UBS Business Solutions
ISSA Vice-Chair

Juliette Kennel
ISSA Operating Committee Chair

Colin Parry

Karen Zeeb
ISSA Secretary

Charles Cock
BNP Paribas Securities Services

Samir Pandiri
Broadridge Financial Solutions

Jeffery Williams

Andrew Luscombe
Credit Suisse

Steven Hondelink
Deutsche Bank

Ivan Nicora

Till Rosar
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing

Alexis Vasquez Meissner
HSBC Securities Services

Pierre Khemdoudi
IHS Markit

Thomas Zeeb
SIX Exchanges

Margaret Harwood-Jones
Standard Chartered Bank

David Watson

Vivekanand Ramgopal
Tata Consultancy Services

Carole Butler
The Bank of New York Mellon

Andrew Gray
The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation