The New Norm Working Group


The New Norm Working Group is focused on publishing a series of short articles that look at the impact of the pandemic on the securities services industry. Articles already published include New Working Methods, Electronic Signatures and Operational Resilience.

Two further articles on the following topics are also now being finalized:

  • SSIs (Standard Settlement Instructions)
  • Automation

In each article, the WG outlines how the pandemic initially impacted the topic. They also offer potential solutions and guidance on best practice to help institutions manage the current situation and position them positively for the future. 

Working Group Co-Chairs

  • Suman Bhadresha, HSBC
  • Sonia Paston-Bedingfeld, UBS


  • Publish Operational Resilience article (Q3 2021)
  • Publish SSIs article (Q4 2021)
  • Publish Automation article (Q4 2021)


  • Article on “The New Norm – Standard Settlement Instructions” (11/2021) PDF 264 kB
  • Article on “The New Norm – Operational Resilience” 07/2021 > PDF 134 kB
  • Article on “The New Norm – Electronic Signatures” (03/2021 > PDF 166 kB
  • Article on “The New Norm – Working Methods” (01/2021) > PDF 210 kB

Institutions represented by Experts in the Working Group

  • BNP Paribas Securities Services
  • Broadridge Financial Solutions
  • Deutsche Bank
  • DTCC
  • HSBC
  • SIX Securities & Exchanges
  • UBS