ISSA Corporate Actions WG (update)

The working group has completed an "Issuer Outreach" paper highlighting the need for issuers to become the first link in the straight-through-processing chain, and outlining how they would benefit themselves by doing so.
Details: Corporate Actions WG

ISSA Corporate Actions WG (update)

Feedback from around 50 markets is now available.
> Market Surveys
Additional contributions or comments by all interested parties is invited and will be used to update the existing documents.

ISSA Corporate Actions WG (update)

The working group has completed its final report "Global Corporate Actions Principles" and an Annex to the main report. The consolidated feedback to the market survey conducted during the drafting stage, will be published as soon as possible. > Details

ISSA Mutual Fund Working Group (update)

As the first ISSA member, Clearstream has followed up on the ten "Guiding Principles" to achieve higher efficiency and convergence of market practice in European funds processing - published by ISSA in October 2009 - by assessing its Investment Funds Services against the principles. > Clearstream's report
> Mutual Funds Working Group

ISSA OTC Derivatives Valuation WG - 2010 Status update

Eighteen months past the publication of its report, the working group prepared a brief assessment of the take-up of its recommended valuation best practices in the industry. > Details

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