New member

As of December 14, China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited (CSDC), China (P.R.), joined ISSA as a new member.

Change within the Operating Committee

With immediate effect, Urs Sauer, Senior Business Development Manager, has been appointed as the new representative of SIX Securities & Exchanges in the ISSA Operating Committee.

New member

As of November 3, 2018, Consensys AG, Switzerland, joined ISSA as a new member.

ISSA reports well received by SIBOS community

ISSA's recently published Working Group Reports and the related panel sessions were well received by the SIBOS community. In the course of November, we will inform in more details about the take-aways from this major industry event.

Publication on 'Financial Crime Compliance Principles in the Securities Custody Business'

Yannick Cherel (Standard Chartered), Olivier Goffard (Euroclear), Mark Gem (Clearstream) and Marta González Perez (Euroclear) did receive an invitation from the 'Journal of Financial Compliance' to introduce their readers to the purpose and content of the ISSA Financial Crime Compliance Principles (FCCP). The article highlights today's key questions and elements with the aim that the Principles become the standard in financial crime prevention across the securities industry.

ISSA has received the permission from the publisher 'Henry Stewart Publications' to upload the link on ISSA's website. The URL-link is:

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