The 18th ISSA Symposium took place from 24 to 27 May 2016 at the Conference Center Wolfsberg in Ermatingen, Switzerland. Under the conference theme "Key Levers for Next Generation in Securities Space – Impacts of Transformative Technologies", heavy focus was on discussing the opportunities and impacts of new technologies on business models, service delivery and processes. Custody Risks in today's environment and Cyber Crime were additional focal themes. 108 ISSA members and invited guests attended this year's gathering.

Photo ISSA 18 participants

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Conference Agenda 128 kB


List of Symposium Participants

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Presentation "Introduction to Blockchain"
Stephan Murer, Group Chief Technology Officer, UBS AG

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Presentation "Blockchain in Financial Services"
Roger Rudisuli & Matthias Voelkel, Partners McKinsey & Co.

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White Paper "Beyond the Hype: Blockchains in Capital Markets"
McKinsey & Co., December 2015

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ISSA 18 Summary Report written by Dominic Hobson

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