Distributed Ledger Technology – Principles for Industry-Wide Acceptance


Working Group Chair:
Urs Sauer, SIX Securities & Exchanges

Glen Fernandes, Euroclear (Crypto-Assets Infrastructure)
Henri Bergström,  ADX (Settlement of Crypto-Assets)
Alexander Chekanov, NSD  (Safekeeping of Crypto-Assets)

Following the successful publication of ISSA's paper on "Infrastructure for Crypto-Assets" and the attention received at SIBOS in Sydney, ISSA decided to continue work in the following streams:
  • Enrich the most recent "Infrastructure for Crypto-Assets" Report with input from Global Custodians.
  • Prepare a Report on "Settlement of Crypto-Assets".
  • Prepare a Report on "Safekeeping of Crypto-Assets".

 It is intended to independently publish individual papers by each stream.

  • June 2019: Enriched Report on "Infrastructure for Crypto-Assets"
  • June 2019: Report on "Settlement of Crypto-Assets"
  • September 2019: Report on "Safekeeping of Crypto-Assets"

  • Report "Infrastructure for Crypto-Assets: A Review by Infrastructure Providers" (10/2018) > PDF 787 kB
  • Distributed Ledger Technology - Principles for Industry-Wide Acceptance, v1.0 (06/2018) > PDF 1.2 MB
  • Report "General Meeting Proxy Voting on Distributed Ledger"; Product Requirements v2.1 (11/2017) > PDF 685 kB
  • Cross-Reference Table aligning the Proxy Voting DLT solution with ISO 20 (11/2017) > PDF 395 kB

Institutions Represented by Experts in the Working Group:

  • Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange
  • BCV/DECEVAL Colombia
  • BNP Paribas Securities Services
  • BNY Mellon
  • Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
  • Caja de Valores Argentina
  • CDS Canada/TMX
  • Clearstream
  • Credit Suisse
  • CSCS Nigeria
  • DCV Chile
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Deutsche Börse Group
  • DTCC
  • Euroclear
  • Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd
  • ISSA
  • KDD (Central Securities Clearing Corporation), Slovenia
  • KSD Korea
  • Maroclear
  • Nasdaq Baltics
  • NSD Russia
  • NSDL India
  • Singapore Exchange Limited
  • SIX Securities & Exchanges
  • SLIB, France
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Strate
  • Thailand Stock Exchange


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