Special Topic Reports

Cross Border Proxy  Voting and Corporate Actions

reproduced from the Report on the 6th ISSA Symposium, May 24-27, 1992 > PDF (136 kB)

G30 / ISSA Recommendations, as amended by ISSA in 1995

Status Review 1998 / 1999, describing the status of 53 securities markets, extract from  the ISSA Handbook 1999 > PDF (427 kB)

ISSA Recommendations 2000

  • Update and extension of the scope of the well-known nine G30 recommendations.
    Report published in June 2000. > PDF (152 kB)
  • Status Report 2001: Analysis and conclusion drawn from the first global status review.
    Report published in April 2002. > PDF (400 kB)
  • Key Issues Schedule 2001: List of issues identifying areas for potential improvements in  the markets reviewed.
    Report published in April 2002. > PDF (220 kB)

Monitoring of G30 Recommendations, published in January 2003

ISSA received a mandate from G30 to assist with advancing five of their twenty recommendations on global clearing and settlement. With kind permission from PriceWaterhouseCoopers, we make a summary of the 140 page report available. > PDF (722 kB)

G30 / ISSA Tax Relief Model

published in 2005, under the lead of Chris Gilbert of JP Morgan. > PDF (130 kB)

ISSA Events

The 19th ISSA Symposium will take place in Zurich, Switzerland, from 23-25 May 2018.

For details, see the Symposium Agenda.

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