Competition Law

Competition Law is a law that ensures organizations compete fairly with one another by regulating anti-competitive and unfair behaviour.

ISSA recognizes the importance of Competition Law and aims for its activities to be compliant with all relevant laws. ISSA also recognizes that our Members need to be aware of and acting within Competition Law during the execution of any ISSA related duties. The ISSA CEO Office has therefore drawn up a short document providing guidelines that can be used by our Members.

> ISSA Competition Law Guidelines

> ISSA Competition Law Guidelines for Download



Data Privacy

ISSA offers information about its contribution to the development of the worldwide securities services industry, and does not sell any products or data. As such, ISSA does not collect any personal identifying information about you while you are surfing this website, unless you provide it in order to get in touch with us (contact forms) or use it to access the ISSA Member Section.

Find details on how ISSA treats and uses the data you give us (such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, company name or address) in the full version of our privacy policy.

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