ISSA Showcases at SIBOS

One of the highlights of the year is SIBOS where ISSA showcases a number of our initiatives and meets many of our members and potential members. This year’s SIBOS is going to be virtual


Thanks to SWIFT’s strong support for ISSA, we are again going to have the opportunity to showcase some of our work. This time, however, the format will be different - with a number of podcasts over a number of months. The first four podcasts that are planned will be:

  • DLT
  • The latest Cyber Security Guidance Paper – «Responding to a Cyber-attack on a Securities Services Participant»
  • The Future of Securities Services draft report 
  • The output of the ISO 20022 survey


The DLT podcast has already been published on LinkedIn and our website but, for those of you who missed it, here is a second chance to listen to it at

Please also take the opportunity to register for SIBOS at the same time.


Our thanks for the collaboration with SWIFT and SIBOS to make these possible and we hope you find them informative and interesting. As always please let us have any feedback that you may have.


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