«DLT Voice of the Customer Survey»

The DLT Voice of the Customer WG has created a survey of what we think are the relevant questions to try and answer that and understand where the Asset Owners and Investment Managers are on their journey towards DLT. In this survey the WG is looking to understand the Asset Owners and Investment Managers investment strategy not whether they are/intend to issue tokenised funds to their clients.

We would like your help in approaching Asset Owners and Investment Managers to fill in the 12 minute survey:


If your client does not want to use the survey tool they can elect to have an interview with the ISSA CEO (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Only the ISSA CEO Office will have access to any data which may identify the respondent and will treat that as we do all confidential data.

The survey consists of three parts:

    • Who are you – basics to feed into the results and allow grouping by size/region
    • Planning for Digital Assets – what are you doing and planning to do in respect to Digital Assets
    • Understanding the rationale – either answering the questions in the tool or part of an interview. Open ended qualitative questions to gain an understanding of an organisation’s plans and expectations

Thank you - Colin Parry, ISSA CEO

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