ISO 20022 Report Podcast

We are delighted to bring you the next in our «SIBOS Insider» Podcast where Juliette Kennel and Giles Elliott, who are the co-chairs of the ISSA ISO 20022 Working Group (WG), explain ISO 20022, the rationale for why ISSA wrote the report, the contents of it and the next steps. The podcast can be retrieved here.


The referenced papers can be found at: («Dummies Guide to ISO 20022»)


The WG has formed some sub-groups and partners with other WGs to create sub-working groups focused on the following:

  1. Educational Material, Industry Best Practices & Survey in 2022
  2. DLT/Digital Assets WG
  3. API WG
  4. Corporate Actions and ISO 20022 WG
  5. Industry Standards and Interoperability WG

Given the amount of work, report volunteers to Colin please!


Reference is made to three further useful «SIBOS Insider» podcasts that can be accessed below:

  • Episode 1: DLT - discussion on findings of a survey on how DLT is being used in the real world
  • Episode 2: Discussion on the Future of Securities Services
  • Episode 3: Talk on the ISSA Cyber Security Guidance Paper - Responding to a Cyber-attack on a Securities Services Participant


Thank you for your attention.

Colin Parry, ISSA CEO


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