New ISSA DLT Survey launched


Last year’s ISSA Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) survey was a huge success with great insights coming from more than 200 organizations globally. Those insights have driven us to commence further in-depth analysis around Voice of Customers, CBDC and Interoperability & Standards under our DLT Working Group (WG). Given the extremely positive appreciation for the insights from the survey, the WG would like to repeat the survey this year to continue to bring these benefits to its members, to deepen ISSA's collective understanding of the trends and evolutions year on year, and to drive the most relevant and value adding analysis and collaborations in the WG during the course of the 2021-2022.

The DLT WG has created a short survey (10-15minutes) together with its platform partner The ValueExchange. The aim is to gather a set of benchmarking data which will allow the industry to understand what is actually happening in the market place in respect of DLT. 

If you are a Member firm your Member Representative and DLT WG Member will have received a personalized link. If you are not a Member firm and would like to complete the survey:


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