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This WG is recently formed and is aimed at the day to day issues that are faced in the domestic CSD arena especially in E&FM.  ISSA is founded on the belief that through Collaboration and Communication we can effect Change for the better. We manifest this Collaboration and Communication through the Working Groups (WG), but there was no WG addressing CSD, and in particular, E&FM issues. There is a strong belief  that there is an opportunity to learn from each other. The Domestic CSDs all face many of the same issues and have the same interests in making the markets more efficient.

The first topic will be something that (sadly) is universal in the pandemic response and will address such issues as:

  1. Experiences & responses
  2. Remote Working & associated controls
  3. Remote Network due diligences
  4. Signatures
  5. Voting
  6. Physical Securities

  • Q3 2021: Formation of the group and start work on the opportunities listed above.

  • tbd

Institutions Represented by Experts in the Working Group:

  • Central Securities Clearing System, Nigeria
  • Central Securities Depository, Ghana
  • Deposito Central de Valores, (DCV) Chile
  • Depozitarul Central, Romania
  • Nasdaq CSD SE, Iceland
  • National Settlement Depository, (NSD) Russia
  • National Securities Depository Limited, (NSDL) India
  • Strate, South Africa
  • The Thailand Securities Depository (TSD)
  • VP Securities, Denmark