Contribution to Standardization

  • Format for physical Eurobond Certificates
  • ISIN Code
  • Corporate Action Types
  • Clearstream - Euroclear Bridge


Contribution to G30 Recommendations

  • Wording and implementing the 1989 G30 Recommendations
  • Extending G30 through the ISSA Recommendations 2000
  • Drafting the «new» G30 Recommendations published in 2003
  • Compliance monitoring on 5 selected G30 Recommendations


Raising Awareness

  • Risk issues within all stakeholders of the securities services industry
  • Regulatory impact on the securities services chain


Disseminating Market Knowledge

  • Publication of the ISSA Handbook containing all securities market profiles


Defining Best Practices

  • Mutual funds processing (with EFAMA)
  • OTC Deriavatives Valuation
  • Corporate Actions and Proxy Voting processing
  • Posting of collateral
  • Recording and monitoring Out-of-Network-Assets
  • Financial Crime Compliance Principles
  • Distributed Ledger Technology


Offering Platforms

  • Symposia, working groups, thought leadership events, etc.