ISSA Association Information


ISSA is a Swiss-domiciled association that supports the securities services industry. ISSA’s members include CSDs, custodians, technology companies and other firms who are actively involved in all aspects of the securities services value chain.

ISSA’s Goals

ISSA has three core goals, which are:

  • To connect securities services industry leaders and stakeholders
  • To collaborate on key themes that impact all participants in the securities services value chain
  • To change the industry through the development and delivery of forward-looking solutions

By connecting its members and facilitating collaboration, ISSA provides the leadership necessary to drive change in the securities services industry. The focus is on finding progressive solutions to reduce risk and improve efficiency and effectiveness – from issuer through to investor – as well as on providing broader thought-leadership to help shape the future of the industry.

ISSA’s Impact

Established in 1979, ISSA’s ongoing efforts to address and solve issues within the industry have positively benefited both the securities services market and its participants. This has been achieved through:

  • The creation and running of highly-professional Working Groups which provide best practice guidance and recommendations that help change the industry for the better
  • The collaboration – and debate – with other industry groups, experts and specialists in the securities services field
  • The hosting of a bi-annual Symposium that enables ISSA members to come together with other stakeholders and address the key issues facing our industry

However, the positive impact that ISSA makes on the securities services market cannot be achieved without the support of ISSA’s members and others in the industry. It is therefore imperative that those both involved and interested in ISSA, let us know how the organization can become even more effective and impactful. ISSA’s aim is not to rest on its laurels but to continue to shape the industry in the twenty first century.

ISSA at a glance, document for download