Future of Securities Services – Webinar

On 5th May 2021, ISSA held a webinar on the topic of the Future of Securities Services. A record of 150 representatives attended. The basis for discussion was laid by Archie Stebbings, Partner Oliver Wyman. His presentation is available here

Subsequently, Colin Parry explained how ISSA was using the input from the September 2020 industry polls on priorities. Interactive sessions then followed, with participants being randomly allocated to breakout rooms. The aim was to have the different groups discuss and answer a number of key questions.

The groups then presented back their thoughts and recommendations and there was a final poll on the proposal to take to the Board. The favourite ones were (percentages in brackets mirror the poll before the presentation):

– Digitisation Best Practices 25% (34%)
– Common Data Standards 20% (14%)
– Private Markets 19% (17%)
– API 15% (17%)
– ESG Standards 12% (16%)
– Cyber – Cloud and quantum 9% (2%)

Colin Parry agreed to take away the conclusions and work with the Operating Committee to see how ISSA can best cover the topics by means of its Working Groups.