Asset Servicing Automation 2024 Survey

How are Corporate Action processing challenges impacting your organisation? And what projects are you working on to address them?

As part of our continuing efforts to support the business case for change in corporate action processing, ISSA and theValueExchange are partnering to launch this industry-wide survey

The objectives are to help us to answer three core questions: 

1. How and where are our levels of automation changing? (at a practitioner level)

2. What are the levels of automation in different


3. What technologies are we using to drive automation/P&L impact?

The survey will be open until 24 May. After the survey closes and results are compiled, ISSA will post the key findings on its website. In addition, respondents will be provided a benchmarking report comparing their responses to the aggregate industry response and to the aggregate response for their type of firm. The ISSA Asset Services working group will take the key findings into account in their work in developing global best practices and recommendations for applying automation to increase industry efficiency.