ISSA Symposium 2022 – Reflection on a great Event

The 20th ISSA Symposium has concluded from the perspective of physically meeting the people in Madrid. The face-to-face encounters were phenomenal and so much better for being able to have that face to face in depth discussion about a particular item of mutual interest. However, the Symposium is not over. In early June we will publish the Symposium synopsis written by Dominic Hobson. It will be made available to the whole ISSA family.

The heart of the Symposium was the five Breakout Sessions supported by the presentations and pre-reading.

The themes were:
1.   Digital Assets, Crypto Currencies & CBDC Impacts on Securities Services
2.  Long Live the New Cash Enabling More Efficient Securities Markets
3.  The Securities Landscape Focusing on Retail Investor Behaviour
4.  The Ambition for Digitization and Digitalization
5.   Is Technology Reducing Unit Costs and Improving Profitability?

The Symposium participants used the inputs provided and their own expertise to address each topic in depth. The results of the discussions were presented to the plenary. Given the relatively short time available to the teams, the presentations were excellent and rich in content. In the next phase, ISSA will take this input and ensure that the topics are either followed up in the existing, or pursued in new, Working Groups. So you will see more about these throughout the next year.

One of the exercises of the Symposium was the “Marketplace”, a presentation on the work of five ISSA Working Groups. The posters used in this session are published here so that the ISSA membership can see the gist of the Working Group activities – and sign up to participate if they wish. A further three working groups ‘Standards’, ‘Operational Resilience’ and ‘Domestic CSD’ were also presented at the Symposium – again we would welcome more participation and input on the priorities and direction.

Thank you for those who spoke, presented, debated, held “Marketplace stalls” and  attended for making the event remarkable.

We recommend  that you save 6 – 8 June 2023 for the 21st Symposium in Wolfsberg, Switzerland.

You can find a short video of some of the 2022 Symposium participants here.
And below are some impressions of the 2022 conference.

The photo of the Symposium attendees can be accessed here.