New ISSA Member – Swisschain

ISSA is delighted to welcome Swisschain as a new Member.

Swisschain (Open Chain AG), was established in March 2020 by Simon Olsen, as a key technology and infrastructure provider in the digital assets sector. The company specialises in offering tailored services for self-managed digital asset custody, tokenization, and stablecoin payment processing. In collaboration with IBM, Swisschain has developed its custody solution, integrating IBM Hyper Protect and leveraging IBM ODM, showcasing its commitment to advanced technological solutions.

Security is a cornerstone of Swisschain’s operations, with its architecture firmly embedding measures to enforce immutable policies. Additionally, the company has made strides in innovation by developing a Tokenization platform based on the CAST Framework for financial assets. This platform stands out for its configurability, while supporting more than 20 permissioned and public protocols.