ISSA Members

ISSA’s membership comprises more than 130 firms globally, all of whom are actively involved in the securities services industry. Based in around 50 different locations, the membership comprises firms from multiple industries, including banks, broker/dealers, CSDs, consultancy firms, custodians, infrastructure providers, stock exchanges and technology companies.

Membership applies at the parent company level, which enables subsidiaries and other legal entities under the parent to also participate without additional cost. Each member firm appoints a Member Representative who is responsible for representing their organization and supporting ISSA’s goals.

Member firms are encouraged to actively participate in ISSA and influence both the direction and approach that the Association takes. This can be achieved through:

  • Joining one or more of ISSA’s Working Groups
  • Participating in the ISSA General Assembly
  • Attending the ISSA Symposium

The current ISSA membership list can be found in this document.