ISSA Membership

Membership of ISSA can bring multiple benefits and the cost of membership is low.

The Benefit of Membership

Benefits include the opportunity to:

  1. Shape the Industry
    Many of the challenges in securities services are challenges faced by ISSA’s members. Through connecting, collaborating and working together to drive change, ISSA members can therefore shape the securities services industry for the future.
  2. Engage in the ISSA Working Groups
    The ISSA Working Groups provide both leadership in the creation and promotion of best practices in the post-trade securities arena, as well as thought leadership on the themes shaping the industry. Members who actively participate in the WGs, ensure that their ideas are incorporated in the best practice guidance. They can also introduce new ideas to positively impact both their own clients as well as the overall industry.
  3. Experience the ISSA Symposium
    Held biennially, the ISSA Symposium offers a unique opportunity for its members to connect and collaborate exclusively with other ISSA members and key industry experts. Held at Wolfsberg, Switzerland or other key European venues – and over three days – this premium event is one that securities services insiders don’t want to miss!
  4. Become an Industry Leader
    By working with their peer organizations, sharing insights and experiences and developing innovative and client-led solutions, ISSA members become true industry leaders in the securities field.

The Cost of Membership

ISSA’s aim is to keep the cost of our membership at a level that will encourage all firms to consider joining.

The annual fee is CHF 4’000, with a discounted price of CHF 3,500 for members that pay before the 31 March each year.

Fees for firms that join part way through a year are pro-rated to the nearest starting month.

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