Digitization Working Group – Private Markets issues a paper

This paper sets out the trends affecting both on the supply and demand side of Private Markets and a number of the problems which participants encounter in the market. The paper concludes that there are commonalities in the challenges and opportunities across the Private Markets globally. Therefore a common approach and solution set may generate a successful, consistent answer to enable more participants to invest in these asset classes. This will increase both capital formation and the potential for democratization of finance by reducing the cost of participating in the market significantly.

The ISSA Digitalization Working Group will continue its work surveying various potential solutions to these common pain points and highlight those in a follow up paper. The intention will be to attempt to forge global market practices to alleviate the common pain points across geographies and the various Private Markets asset classes. ISSA welcomes input from all parties with an interest in Private Markets both as commentary on this paper but more importantly as a contribution to the solutions.