DLT – Complete The Real World Survey

Today we have launched the ISSA DLT Survey with help from ValueExchange. The idea is to create a comprehensive report of what is actually happening in the DLT arena now, and what organization’s future plans are. All ISSA members have been sent a personalized link. If you are not a member but would like to take part in the survey there are two ways of doing so:

  1. Send a mail to colin.parry.issa@six-group.com asking for a personalized link. This has the advantage of making you eligible for a comparative benchmarking report – after you have joined ISSA.
  2. If you are happy to receive a generic report then please use: ISSA DLT Questionnaire

The more firms that are participating in the survey the more insightful the data will be. The survey closes soon, so move fast.