DLT – Real World Survey Results

ISSA is excited to be releasing the results of the ISSA / ValueExchange «DLT in the Real World» Industry wide survey today: The largest and broadest initiative of its kind to date. Run in cooperation with Accenture, Digital Asset and Global Custodian magazine, this campaign has drawn on views from over 140 organisations to provide you with unique, actionable insights on how DLT is being used across the world.

Coming at a crucial time in the evolution of our industry and of DLT, no other research initiative has ever covered such a wide spectrum of industry segments and profiles – in order to provide you with clear, actionable insights for your business. Click this link to view our Key Findings, giving you an early insight into the major conclusions from this industry survey. If you are an ISSA Member and have responded to the survey using the personalized link you will receive your personalized scorecard and access to the interactive dashboard shortly.

If you are not an ISSA Member or did not respond to the survey and you want access to the interactive dashboard, please contact Colin Parry at colin.parry.issa@six-group.com .