Future of Securities Services – The ISSA and Oliver Wyman paper achieves its aim

When ISSA and Oliver Wyman set out to write the FSS paper we wanted it to spark a debate within the industry. That was the purpose. To forge, in the heat of debate, a consensus on the areas of focus that ISSA should follow as we execute the our strategy. We are engaging with the membership and will continue to do over the following months. To help the membership further their own opinions on the topics raised we would like to highlight three recent publications from the Global Custodian.

Our thanks to Jonathan Watkins for allowing us the «right to reply» to his article in the video conversation with William Hodash (DTCC) and Archie Stebbings (Oliver Wyman) 

John Gubert’s article on Global Custodian (free access)

Jon Watkins’s article on Global Custodian (behind the paywall)

Video: Jon Watkins talks with William Hodash (DTCC) and Archie Stebbings (Oliver Wyman) responding to Jonathan’s «Dour Outlook» opinion piece (free access)