Future of Securities Services – ISSA and Oliver Wyman paper published

ISSA’s Working Group on «Future of Securities Services» has focused on creating a discussion document that has been syndicated through of a series of webinars* and a poll among the ISSA membership. These activities have been successfully completed and the feedback has been incorporated in the paper. 

The updated version of ISSA’s «Future of Securities Services» paper, written in conjunction with Oliver Wyman, is publicly available now. ISSA intends to debate the potential topics for action at the ISSA Symposium, being scheduled for the beginning of May 2021.

* In October ISSA ran a series of webinars with the membership. These featured a set of presentations on the paper, a number of polls and audience questions. There have been some requests for a recording of the webinar. So below in three parts (for ease of downloading) is a mash-up of the webinars we recorded – without the audience questions to keep it to a watchable length. If you were not able to attend feel free to watch the webinar and feedback your thoughts to colin.parry.issa@six-group.com.”