ISSA – Newsletter Q4/2022

Welcome to the ISSA Newsletter Q4/2022 which serves as a both a reflection on 2022 and – equally importantly – as a gateway to 2023. We have plenty to tell you in this edition:

  • 2022 saw a very successful Symposium and 2023 will see a second one in short succession. (After this, we will revert to usual biennial cycle.) We really hope as many of you as possible can join us 2023 at Wolfsberg Conference Center in Switzerland.
  • Another important pillar of ISSA is the Working Groups and we are starting new topics including looking at the cross-border impacts of T+1 and as well as Digital Identity and Onboarding. In addition the Future of Securities Services and Custody Risks Working Groups are restarting to address recent changes in the industry. Please get involved in any of these.
  • Finally, the newsletter gives you a flavour of the Virtual Working Group Event 8/9 February 2023. We will provide more detail in the New Year. However, feel free to reach out to ISSA to start your new year’s resolutions early if you would like to already register.

Happy Holidays and a great 2023!

Colin Perry & Karen Zeeb