ISSA’s DLT in the Real World – Results

ISSA is very excited to be sharing with you the full results of the ISSA’s “DLT in the Real World” industry-wide survey. This was supported by Accenture and ASIFMA and, as last year, managed by The Value Exchange.

The survey has been very successful with insights of over 130 financial services organisations across the globe. It has reached across the entire industry to provide uniquely comprehensive industry benchmarks around how the securities services industry is planning, progressing and realising its DLT ambitions in the real world. This campaign is designed to provide you with unique, actionable insights on how DLT is being used across the world: giving you the chance to learn from your customers and your peers where DLT is solving real world problems, where it is not, and how people are making the most of this transformative technology.

This is the second iteration of the survey and so this allows insights into changes over time and its starts to show in the evolution of the industry and of DLT – in order to deliver you with clear, actionable insights for your business.

ISSA is pleased to be sharing the ValueExchange’s “Key Findings” document, which can be found here.

Access to the interactive dashboard is available to all ISSA Members via your Member Representative or through If you are not a member, please ask Colin about membership.