Meet the Experts – ISSA Financial Crime Compliance Questionnaire

Watch the video of Olivier Goffard, Co-Chair of the ISSA Financial Crime Compliance Working Group, as he speaks to Karen Zeeb during SIBOS about the updated ISSA Financial Crime Compliance Questionnaire.

Fighting financial crime remains a priority; certainly this year when we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. To support the securities industry in fighting this good fight, ISSA has developed Financial Crime Compliance Principles that are now widely used across the industry. Besides the Principles, ISSA has also developed a due diligence questionnaire that focuses on the specific characteristics of the securities transactions chain that is to be used in combination with the cash-driven Wolfsberg questionnaires. During the session, Olivier highlights the main salient points behind the Principles and focuses on the recently revised version of the due diligence questionnaire and how ISSA has taken users’ feedback into consideration to make it even more practical.