Revised DLT Asset Identifiers Matrix

In 2021 the DLT Standards Working Group (WG) worked with a number of DLT Asset Identifier Organisations. The conclusion is that there is no “Right or Wrong” way of describing digital assets, given the variety of asset types covered, forks, liquidity venues and jurisdictional issues. The provision of the unique identification of a digital asset is also progressing as the industry matures. The WG did not create a best practice document but rather a matrix.  ISSA stated that the matrix (see excel) would be updated as Asset Identifier Organisations refined their product, to provide a reference source for the Members. The matrix covers all aspects that the WG thinks could or should be covered by a digital asset identifier. This resource will allow the Members to understand the offerings in DLT Asset Identifiers and select the source that is most appropriate for their needs and engage with that DLT Asset Identifier Organisation.

The first update has been provided by the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) and their offering is highlighted in the final column.

ISSA is sure that there will be other organisations who are providing DLT Asset Identifiers who ISSA is not aware of yet and they are invited to join this approach. The intent is to republish the matrix as new information is available or additional DLT Asset Identifier Organisations Inform ISSA of their plans.