SWIFT embeds the ISSA Questionnaire in the KYC Registry

The ISSA Financial Crime Compliance Working Group (FCC WG) has collaborated with SWIFT to arrange for the ISSA Questionnaire to be embedded in the SWIFT KYC Registry. The format and approach adopted is consistent with that used throughout the SWIFT KYC Registry modules and questions. The FCC WG also worked closely with SWIFT to ensure the ISSA Questionnaire is complementary to the Wolfsberg CBDDQ and FCCQ.

The ISSA Questionnaire can now be completed by both Bank and Non-Bank Financial Institutions who are SWIFT members on the KYC Registry (see the SWIFT Factsheet for further information). Account holders also still have the option of completing the Questionnaire using the Word document available on the ISSA website ISSA Financial Crime Compliance – Revised Questionnaire – ISSA (issanet.org).