Out of Network Assets


Sampling of «Out of Network Asset» risks that are encountered in post-trade processing and recordkeeping of securities accounts and positions
(Out of network assets are non-standard and investment assets that can only be overseen through position recordkeeping actions.)
The «Out of Network Asset» standards were indorsed as a follow up item to the Working Group report «Hidden Risks» at the ISSA Symposium 2012.

Working Group Co-Chairs

Edward Neeck (JP Morgan)


Final Report on Hidden Risks in the Securities Services Industry – A Sampling of Consequences to Custodians, Clearers and (I)CSDs (06/2012) > PDF 577 kB

AGC / ISSA Joint Report on Addressing Challenges in Safekeeping and Super­visory Services for Out-of-Network Assets (04/2014) > PDF 704 kB

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