Spanish Covid Information

Entering Spain

Spain has relaxed a number of local COVID rules in the last month, but some restrictions are in place.

There are entry requirements to travel to Spain. These are the same as for the Symposium: You need to be either vaccinated against, or recovered from COVID.  The present travel rules can be accessed via the Spanish Travel Health website:

This site gives you different routes based on whether you are travelling from the EU or outside the EU.  As of today (29th April) there are no countries which are on the Spanish “Red” list, however this may change at any moment.

The Spth app, which gives you the QR code download for the airport, is easy to use but it is suggested that you have both your passport and your vaccine certificates to hand as you will need to know the vaccine and the date of the last dose you have had. You are staying in Madrid in the Madrid region.

Sanitary Measures Indoors

Visitors to Spain are now able to enter bars, cafes, restaurants, theatres, museums, shopping centres, without being required to wear a face mask. Therefore at the venues for the dinners masks will not be obligatory, but if you would like to wear a mask feel free to do so. Please check with your airline to understand the requirements for masks on your flight.

Masks will be required in the Bolsa as the Bolsa is a place of work, but masks can be removed while eating and drinking.

COVID Testing

If an up-to-date test is required for the return, this can be done directly at the airport: It is recommended to book an appointment for this.

Terminal 2:

Terminal 4: