Pre-Reading Breakout Session 1: Digital Asset Custody
The Path Forward for Digital Assets and Crypto in 2023
ISSA – Digital Asset Custody (DAC) Report Synopsis
Central Bank Digital Currency? How money could be redesigned

Pre-Reading Breakout Session 2: Holistic Risk Management in Securities Services
WEF 2023: Here’s how business can adapt to a changing risk landscape
SAS Institute – From Crisis to Opportunity: Redefining Risk ManagementDeloitte: Custody Risk Domains – Traditional and Digital Assets

Pre-Reading Breakout Session 3: Challenges of Sanctions and Geopolitics
EU Working Group to look at using frozen Russian assets for reconstruction of Ukraine (
China Seeks to Pre-Empt Sanctions in Case of Taiwan Clash, F.B.I. Chief Says – The New York Times (

Pre-Reading Breakout Session 4: ESG and Securities Services
AFME Due Diligence Questionnaire 2023
Climate-Related Financial Risk: FMI Perspective | DTCC
WEF_IBC_Measuring_Stakeholder_Capitalism_Report_2020.pdf (
FRC Good Practice Guidance for Company Meetings_July 2022

Pre-Reading Breakout Session 5: Potential for Mutualization
Global Custodian: Modernising through mutualisation in a post-pandemic world All together now? Banks, post-trade processes and the mutualisation trend
Infosys: The Six Pillars of Post-Trade Mutualization
Deloitte: Interbank ecosystems in Europe

Pre-Reading Breakout Session 6: Retaining Relevance in a Changing World
Web 3.0 beyond the hype
Digital Assets, Distributed Ledger Technology, and the Future of Capital Markets
Deutsche Bundesbank: Out of sight, out of mind? On the risk of sub-custodian structures
LinkedIn: Sub Custody – Visibility over the Business Case.HSBC: Custody in 2025 – Game Changers Future Trends in Securities Services