“DLT in the Real World” industry wide survey

We are very excited to be sharing with you the full results of ISSA’s 2024 “DLT in the Real World” industry wide survey. This was supported by Accenture, Broadridge, and Ripple, and as last year, managed by the ValueExchange.

This is the fifth in the series of “DLT in the Real World” surveys. The survey has again been very successful with insights of a huge 350 financial services organizations across the globe. I am particularly proud that ISSA member firms responded so well and took the time to contribute – thank you very much.  We have really created the benchmark longitudinal DLT survey.

The survey has reached across the entire industry to provide uniquely comprehensive industry benchmarks around how we are planning, progressing and realizing our DLT ambitions in the real world. This campaign is designed to provide you with unique, actionable insights on how DLT is being used across the world, giving you the chance to learn from your customers and your peers where DLT is solving real world problems, where it is not and how people are making the most of this technology. This is the fifth iteration of the survey and so this allows us insights into changes over time and it shows the evolution of our industry and of DLT.

We are pleased to be sharing the following key insights with you – to help you get as much out of these survey results as possible:

  1. The ValueExchange’s “Key Findings” document can be found here giving you an early view of the headline conclusions in this research.
  2. We will use the DLT WG meeting later in the summer to present the findings and take questions.
  3. If you left your details when you filled in the survey you will shortly receive your benchmarking report.
  4. If you would like access to the interactive dashboard please contact Value Exchange at info@thevalueexchange.com

We would welcome all of your observations, questions and comments on this key industry theme – and so please don’t hesitate to contact us at any point.

Kind regards