Breakout Groups

On Day 2 at the ISSA Symposium, five themes – which currently are of great importance to the Securities Services industry – will be dicussed in Breakout Groups.

The five themes are:

  • Theme 1: Digital Assets, Crypto Currencies & CBDC Impacts on Securities Services
  • Theme 2: Long Live the New Cash Enabling More Efficient Securities Markets
  • Theme 3: The Securities Landscape Focusing on Retail Investor Behaviour
  • Theme 4: The Ambition for Digitization and Digitalization
  • Theme 5: Is Technology Reducing Unit Costs and Improving Profitability?

The Breakout discussions will take place as follows:

Breakout Session Part 1

11 May 2022, 10:15 – 13:00

In Part 1, 10 Groups will discuss these five themes in depth. That means always two Groups deal with the same topic.

Breakout Session Part 2

11 May 2022, 14:15 – 15:45

The two Groups that have been discussing the same topic join together, challenge their hypothesis and consolidate their findings in order to present them to the audience on Day 3 of the Symposium.

Both, the Breakout Sessions Part 1 and 2 will be moderated by ISSA Board Members.

Group Allocation

The Breakout Groups are allocated to ensure that there is a mix of diverse views from type of institution and geography to obtain a wide spread of knowledge, perspective, and experience.

Group 1 – Theme 1Group 2 – Theme 1
Vivekanand Ramgopal, Tata Consultancy (Moderator)
Sandra Azzolina, Zürcher Kantonalbank
Christopher Burke, Federal Reserve Bank of NY
Hema Cederhage, The Mauritius Commercial Bank
Goran Fors, SEB
Nicolas Neufkens, SWIFT
Urs Sauer, SIX Group
Till Rosar, HKEX (Moderator)
Hari Chaitanya, Standardbank
Serge Munten, Banque Intern. à Luxembourg
Barnaby Nelson, The Value Exchange
Isa Ribeiro, Clearstream Banking
Robert  Scott, Commerzbank
Mike Thrower, Broadridge Financial Solutions
Group 3 – Theme 2Group 4 – Theme 2
Caroline Butler, BNY Mellon (Moderator)
Christian Geberth, Raiffeisen Bank International
Margaret Harwood-Jones, Standard Chartered Bank
Haruna Jalo-Waziri, CSCS Nigeria
Shuta Okawara, MUFG
Rahul Singh, NSDL
Britta Woernle, Deutsche Bank
Vikesh Patel, SWIFT (Moderator)
Haroun Boucheta, BNP Paribas Securities Services
Stephan Bosshard, UBS Switzerland
Stefano Colombo, Banque Pictet
Javier Hernani, Groupo BME
Oscar Onyema, Nigeria Exchange Group
Julia Barbara Romhányi, UniCredit
Andy Smith, BNY Mellon
Group 5 – Theme 3Group 6 – Theme 3
Steven Hondelink, Deutsche Bank (Moderator)
Magnus Asgeirsson, Nasdaq
Youngjin (Helen) Chae, KSD Korea
Faustina Coleman-Forson, CSD Ghana
Stefano Galletti, Intesa Sanpaolo
Olivier Goffard, Euroclear
Raik Hering, dwpbank 
Juliette Kennel, SWIFT
Jeff Williams, Citi (Moderator)
Alvaro Camuñas Bertran, BNP Paribas Sec. Services
Jyi-chen Chueh, Standard Chartered Bank
George Harris, FIS Capital Markets UK
Frank Froio, GlobeTax
An Mestdagh, Euroclear
Jandi (John) Oh, KSD Korea
Sonia Paston-Bedingfeld, UBS Business Solutions
Group 7 – Theme 4Group 8 – Theme 4
Andrew Luscombe, Credit Suisse (Moderator)
Padmaja Chunduru, NSDL
Charles Cock, BNP Paribas Securities Services
Roberto Gonzalez Barrera, Indeval
Michael McPolin, Broadridge Financial Solutions
Alexis Thompson, BBVA
Richard Wilson, S&P Global / IHS Markit
Suman Bhadeshra, HSBC (Moderator)
Andreas Beck, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
Bettina Janoschek, Raiffeisen Bank International
Kurt Kerschbaum, OeKB
Brett Lewis, GlobeTax
Michael Mensah, CSD Ghana
Simon Shepherd, MYRIAD Group Technologies
Group 9 – Theme 5Group 10 – Theme 5
Pierre Khemdoudi, S&P Global (Moderator)
Hanan Alshehri, Securities Depository Center (Edaa)
Jesus Benito, IBERCLEAR
Ambrose Karikari, CSD Ghana
Vicky Kyproglou, UBS Business Solutions
Marco Strimer, Incentage
Elke Van den Abeele, KBC Bank
Ivan Nicora, Euroclear (Moderator)
Phil Brown, Clearstream Banking
Olivier De Bruyn, KBC Bank
Giles Elliott, TCS Capital Markets
Marc Gehrig, Liechtensteinische Landesbank
Felix Huber, Incentage
Kevin Sampson, The Canadian Depository for Sec.

The following pages provide the information needed for preparing the Breakout discussions. Each page contains:

  • The specific questions to be discussed per Breakout Group theme
  • Pre-Reading material for each Breakout Group theme