ISSA’s mission is to create a more sustainable organization, whilst continuing to meet both the current and future needs of the Association and its members. As part of this goal, the ISSA CEO Office has been working with local partners, businesses and suppliers on a number of key initiatives to help ensure that the 2022 ISSA Symposium is as sustainable as possible.

2022 Symposium Initiatives

Initiatives that are being undertaken include:

  • Offsetting flight emissions using a carbon offsetting partner, myclimate (
    • The ISSA CEO Office will offset its staff’s flight emissions for travel to and from Spain
    • There is also the opportunity for Symposium attendees to offset their own travel emissions using the myclimate link above (should their own organization not have an arrangement)
  • Eliminating the use of non-essential paper and plastic by finding alternatives wherever possible
    • ISSA will connect with Symposium attendees by email on the Symposium arrangements
    • There will be a QR code at the event so that attendees can access all Symposium information electronically
    • Glass bottles will be used where possible
  • ISSA is partnering with local suppliers to use local and sustainable food sources wherever possible
  • ISSA’s suppliers are working with partners to ensure that food waste is minimized and that any waste is recycled where possible
  • ISSA has chosen venues that minimize distances between the event venue, the hotel and restaurants in order to avoid transportation requirements wherever possible

For further information about ISSA and its Sustainability mission, please use the following link: Sustainability