The documents below comprise agendas, minutes and supporting documentation for the Standardization Working Group.

Standardization Working Group Information:

Name File
ISSA-Standardization-WG-ToR-FINAL-Jul22 Download

ESG Standards Subgroup Minutes:

Name File
ISSA-ESG Standards-Subgroup-Minutes-2022-08-30-FINAL Download
ISSA-ESG Standards-Subgroup-Minutes-2022-07-26-FINAL Download
ISSA – WG Standardization – ESG Standards Subgroup – Minutes of Call 2022-06-28 Download
ISSA – WG Standardization – ESG Standards Subgroup – Call Minutes 2022-05-31 Download

ESG Standards Supporting Documentation:

Name File
McKinsey-ratings_extract Download
McKinsey-ESG_Reporting_Standards_extract Download
ISSA-ESG-Standards-Subgroup-ESG data, ESG ratings and labels-22-08-30 Download
ISSA – WG Standardization – ESG-Standards 2022-06-28 Download

ESG Standards Useful Links: